Aura Photography

Aura is a field of Energy surrounding anything and everything having an atomic structure. If you see the pictures of Gods or Goddesses, there is a luminous halo shown around their heads. This halo or Aura is depicted in white, golden, yellow or orange colour. Holier the person, better is the Aura. There are different colours in an Aura, by analyzing the colour surrounding a person i.e. colours in his/her Aura, analysis of his/her physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health can be done. Aura of a person keeps on changing according to inner growth and evolution. Aura also depends upon the emotions and the state of mind at the time of Aura Reading. The energy which forms the Aura is called Prana. Aura has seven basic colours and few more. These seven basic colours in the Aura are linked with the seven Chakras of the human body. Clear and bright colour shows that the state of related Chakra is healthy and well developed whereas dull colours relate to ill or underdeveloped Chakras.

Aura Photography in Ghaziabad, Dr. Ajay has in depth knowledge of Aura Photography and its effects on ones life.

Dr. Ajay is best for the Aura Photography in ghaziabad. Since 1997, Dr. Ajay doing this. Aura photogrpahy is used to find any congestions in Aura resulting in diseases. Aura photography is also used to find the energy levels in the home and work place.

Aura photography involves capturing a person's aura, which refers to the radiation surrounding a person or object. Ph:- 9810747142

Benefits of Aura Scan

  • See the true root cause of your disease
  • See your 7 chakras (Glands)
  • Vital force (Body Energy Level)
  • Acid / Alkaline balance
  • See vatt,kaph,Pitta Body
  • Healthy & defective internal organs
  • Effects of environment & vastu
  • Energy Leakage (Depletion)
  • Immediate effects (beneficial or harmful) of any treatment
  • Practically See your Vastu defects in your House, Factory & Shop etc, also see the result of vastu correction.
  • Know the true energy field of Gems, Crystals,Yantra, Tantra, Water, Food , Medicine, Plants all living & non-living items.

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