Crystal Therapy


Crystals (Quartz) are The greatest divine gift to the mankind. The only mineral having highest storage of cosmic energy which can be used for Quick Healing, Energy Multiplication, Programming, Transmission, Negativity Clearing, Strong Protection, Meditation, Balanc-ing, Development of Psychic Powers, Higher Spiritual Expe-riences, Dream Revelation, Goal Achievement, Grounding the Excess Energy etc. It Is Highly Beneficial in:

  • Energizing Water, Plants, Food, Home, Business Establishment, Self & Others.
  • Increasing the utility of petrol, gas & electricity. Reducing your expanses by 1/3.
  • Prevention from strong radiation of earth, television, micro-oven, computer, mobile & other environmental hazards.
  • Instant Pain Relief & Healing. All Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychic & Karmic Problems.
  • Send Healing & Reiki energy continuously for 24 hours anywhere in the world.

A portion of the beauty of crystals comes from the symmetry formed by the arrangement of their atoms, the most celebrated of which is their reflective nature. People have assigned properties to crystals (which some consider folklore) dating back to the days when it was believed that exposure to extreme cold caused them to form into permanently frozen ice rock crystals. Crystals are also prized for their healing properties within alternative medicine.

What All Crystals Have in Common

Although this is a statement that would probably cause a diamond merchant to drop his loop, common clear quartz and other crystals share something in common with the most precious gemstones: They emit essentially the same energy field. All can be programmed and empowered to help you. Whether you wear crystals in the form of beads strung on silk cord or carry them as an amulet, the benefits can be the same. Keep in mind that some believe that metals inhibit some of the healing and positive properties of crystals; you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not you gain benefits by wearing your crystals as mounted jewels that adorn your body.

The Healing Benefits of Crystals

The beauty and power of crystals and other stones have been long recognised, since the dawning of civilisation - prized for not only their beauty but for their healing and spiritual power. Healers, shamans and priests have long used crystals for their unique and special properties. It is widely believed crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans - such that the resonance between the stone and the human either combats the vibration of the illness or amplifies that of health.


Red crystals stimulate, activate and energise. They are associated with ones ability to use daily practical skills and physical survival skills, and with movement, motivation and protection. Ruby is a gorgeous example of a red crystal, as it works with the energies of the heart centre, energising yet balancing in its effects.


Pink crystals have a gentle and subtle way of pushing things towards a resolution. Pink brings emotions and sensitivity into our daily actions. Rose Quartz is possibly the best known and favourite of the pink stones, and has a calming and reassuring effect. However, it can also be a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions where they may be getting in the way of personal growth. It is the stone of unconditional love, promoting self love and also attracting love from others.


Orange crystals combine energizing and focusing qualities, allowing creative and artistic skills to flourish. Carnelian is one of the more popular orange stones, and is characterised by a sense of warmth. It is an excellent crystal for increasing motivation, enthusiasm and energy. Carnelian fosters self worth, and will nearly always be of benefit in healing. On a physical level, Carnelian promotes vitality by supporting the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and ensures ample blood supply to organs and tissues of the body


Yellow crystals relate to the functioning of the nervous, digestive and immune systems of the body. Stress, fear, happiness a contentment are all linked to this colour. Amber has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and self-healing processes. Citrine Quartz Crystal, when it is a bright, clear yellow it will help to keep the mind clear and focused. And Iron Pyrites, also known as “fool’s gold”, helps to cleanse, strengthen and calm the digestive system.


Green crystals are associated with the heart. They serve to balance emotions and relationships, encourage personal space and growth, and bring about a sense of calm. Green Aventurine is an excellent heart balancer, it promotes easy expression of feelings. Additionally, this crystal is said to relieve anxiety and promote a cheeriness in its possessor, and to bring about good luck.

Light Blue

Light blue crystals are associated with the throat and therefore communication. Voice, taste, smell and sight.. well all the senses, and your internal communication ie the way you talk to yourself, your thoughts and your ability to express yourself, are all influenced by the vibration of light blue. Aquamarine is well known for its ability to promote clear communication, courage and confidence. It helps you stand your ground, and helps to release the flow of clear communication.


Indigo crystals are linked to your "third eye". Perception, understanding and intuition, together with a deep sense of peace are attributed to Indigo. Azurite serves to free up difficult and long standing blocks in communication and will reveal obstacles stopping us from using our full potential. Additionally, Azurite stimulates memory and recall.


Violet crystals tap into inspiration, imagination, empathy and the sense of service to others. Violet and purple stones help to rebalance extremes within the systems of the body, so they can be of use when you are not sure of the nature of a problem. Amethyst is perhaps the most useful all purpose healing crystal. It is universally applicable in its uses and benefits. Amethyst is a good stone to use with meditation as it quietens the mind and allows finer perceptions to become clear. It can enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. Amethyst is also excellent for lucid dreaming. Additionally, Fluorite protects against computer and electromagnetic stress, place a fluorite crystal at your work station to improve mental clarity and efficiency.


White or clear stones symbolize the potential to reflect all energies around them. White is related to the concepts of clarity, cleansing and purification. Clear Quartz is amazing for strengthening energy. It channels universal energy, absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. For this reason it is beneficial in healing, manifesting and meditation.


While white stones reflect and clarify light, black stones absorb light. White will reflect the visible, black will show you the hidden potential of any situation. Black is solidifying and manifesting. It holds all energies quietly within itself and so requires patience to explore fully. Black stones are usually grounding, acting as energy anchors to help you return to a normal functioning state. Many will also reveal hidden aspects so that they can be dealt with, in this respect black stones have a purifying role.

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