About Dr. Ajay kumar


Dr. Ajay Kumar is a renowned Reiki & Karuna-Reiki Master. He has acquired knowledge of Reiki from several renowned Reiki Masters including William Hauw of Australia – a Lineage of Takata.

He has done Reiki Mastership from Narmata and Narendra Bahtia . Besides, he acquired MAGNIFIED HEALING Mastership from William Hauw. He is having more than 18 years of experience in the field of Reiki healing.

He is a Consultant QUARTZ CRYSTAL Therapist. He is a violet prana healer , he is a Aura Master and conducts Aura SIGHTING workshops. He is a advance PRANIC HEALER he has also done mastership in LAMA-FERA an ancient Tibetan healing art. He is a past president of Ghaziabad Reiki Master’s association. He has also served as a secretary of ghazibad chapter of Institution of Vastu Science India. (2004-06) He is a MELCHIZEDAK method healer, dowsing practitioner and psychic surgeon. He is also a past-life therapist. He is a vastu consultant and scans energy filed in offices and homes and suggests various practical remedies for enhancing it.

He is a past president of rotary club of Ghaziabad chiranjeev vihar. He is a life member of world academy of spirityal sciences, an academy established by Sir Ganga Ran Hospital to encourage promotion and integration of scientific evaluation and validation of various spiritual disciplines like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Vastu Sciences, Yoga and meditation etc. He is also a Astro Palmist.

He was awarded by Award of Excellence by Vastu Research Centre & Research Institute of Vedic Culture for outstanding performance & Services in the field of Aura. He was Interviewed by News Channels, FM RADIO & Leading Print media several times. He is also lerned angle therapy